Bakerstone Oven Cleaning Brush


Clean and preserve your pizza oven with the Bakerstone Oven Cleaning Brush.
The Bakerstone Oven Cleaning Brush is ergonomically designed for the best in pizza oven box cleaning. 
The brush removes tough, baked-on cheese and toppings safely and easily. With a stainless steel brush on one side, and stainless steel scraper on the other, makes removal of ashes and burned-on foods a breeze to clean up.
Dimensions: L: 533mm, W: 90mm, D: 60mm
Product Materials: Polypropylene Handle
Net Weight: 220gms
Warranty: 1 year

Features and Benefits:
- Quality stainless steel scraper
- Quality stainless steel scrubbing pad
- Cool to the touch handle
- Light weight

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