Bakerstone Original Pizza Oven Kit


The Bakerstone Original Pizza Oven Kit includes a Wooden Pizza Peel and Pizza Turner to get you cooking quickly without fuss and Dust cover for all year round protection.

The Pizza Oven Box’s patent pending design raises the temperature of outdoor grills to that of a real wood burning pizza oven. Unmatched baking and cooking performance is achieved by combining a cooking chamber made of cordierite stones with an enamelled steel housing, creating a unique air flow system which enhances the convective, conductive and radiant heat in and around the cooking chamber.

• Includes pizza baking accessories

• Simple place on grill and bake gourmet pizza

• Converts most 3-burner and larger gas grills into a gourmet pizza oven

• Bakes cookies and breads

• Roasts meat and vegetables

Product size: 585mm W x 418mm D x 159mm H

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